Security. Sustainability. Tracking. ROI.

Your most precious asset is your data, and security is critical.  You need a partner who provides sophisticated tracking & transparency while maximizing the ROI on your equipment.

Security is our focus.

When you work with Schupan, you establish an unimpeachable chain of custody and the ability to quickly reconcile inventory -- assuring the adequate control to avoid equipment and data loss. This is all done within our locked, certified facility under 24-hour video surveillance.

Your liability is our concern.

Responsible Recycler.

Annual third-party audits ensure compliance with environmental health & safety standards. R2/RIOS is an international certification providing assurance that your end-of-life IT Assets will be recycled responsibly.

Guided by Security.

Within our ITAD services, we wipe data in accordance with NIST 800-88 and protect confidential student records in accordance with US Government guidelines & FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act).

Clear. Purge. Destroy.

Our workforce is trained on and follows the disposal policies & procedures to safeguard protected health information under the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Protect your company from the next big data breach.

You might spend millions protecting data from hackers, but one mishandled computer carries millions of dollars in liability risk. Even big-name companies can’t prevent all breaches, but choosing the right partner for your end-of-life IT assets will help. At Schupan we offer:

  1. Complete inventory reporting of all end-of-life equipment
  2. Complete asset/serial number reporting for all data bearing devices
  3. Data destruction for all data bearing devices

Why Schupan?

Schupan & Sons was incorporated in 1968 as a non-ferrous industrial scrap processor. Since then, the
company has evolved into a diverse, vertically-integrated metals & plastics manufacturer, supplier,
marketer, and recycler. With the addition of our Asset Management division in 2013, Schupan’s expertise
expanded to the safe & secure destruction, disposal, and recycling of your IT assets and data-bearing devices.

Our global footprint strengthens our local mission: to build relationships that add value to our customers
while giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Our Kalamazoo, MI shredding facility boasts a world-class shredder.

Our services

Secure your assets today with our menu of customizable services.

Asset Disposition

Certified Data Destruction

Serial/Asset Number Reporting

General Recycling

On Site Hard Drive Shredding

Asset Value Recovery

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