Secure your identity with responsible recycling.

Join us: Tuesdays & Thursdays 1 pm to 3 pm 216 Peekstok

An ounce of prevention could be worth a ton of relief.

When you work with Schupan, you establish an unimpeachable chain of custody and the assurance that your private data is properly protected.

Your devices will be securely and responsibly wiped and disposed of, all within our locked, certified facility under 24-hour video surveillance. Even if a device is entirely broken, it is most likely still data-bearing, leaving you at potentially great risk.

By working with Schupan, that risk is mitigated.

Certified service and responsible disposal means your data is protected.

The safety of our customers and employees remains our top priority.

Please maintain a 6-foot distance from individuals outside of your household and wear the proper face covering or mask.