Over $50 Million In Bottles, Cans Await Refunds

(CBS DETROIT) – As bottles and cans continue to mount at homes across the state the value of the deposits skyrocket.

“We know that there are roughly 70 million containers a week that is being stockpiled by Michiganders,” said Tom Emmerich, Schupan Recycling president. 

Back in March, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order suspending the service to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Since recycling centers are not considered essential operations were put to a halt.

“We submitted what we think is a safe phased-in approach plan to the governor’s office four weeks ago that we think the industry partners, distributors, retailers, recyclers can turn the system back on safely,” said Emmerich.

Consumers were left to either save empty bottles and cans or throw them out with the trash.

“People want to get their dime back. They want their money back, they need it back and the longer this goes on the more they’re going to need it,” he said.

As each day goes by the dimes are multiplying to dollars accumulating to millions over the course of nine weeks. 

“We believe that there’s over 600 million containers or over half-a-billion containers that are now being stockpiled uh which is over $60 million. That’s a big problem,” he said.

The governor’s office is telling CW50 and CBS 62 although they don’t have a timeline as to when the bottle return will go back into effect, they say that the issue is currently under review.

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