Schupan COO Tom Emmerich Looks to the Future of Recycling in Michigan

How is the state of recycling in Michigan? We’ve heard that we lag other Midwestern states. How are we doing recycling wise?

“There have been a lot of efforts to try to increase what we do in Michigan. Do we lag other states? We absolutely do. We have like an 18 percent municipal and recycling rate. That’s up a couple percentage points, but it still lags behind the Minnesotas and Wisconsins and a couple other Midwestern states.

“What I think is important to point out is that those states actually invest a lot of money in recycling. I don’t have the exact numbers, but it’s like $20 or $25 million in Wisconsin and $15 to $18 million in Minnesota. They put money back into recycling. Michigan doesn’t do that. We only spend a couple million dollars a year in Michigan, and that’s relatively new.

Listen to the full interview.

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